Bayswater Tennis Club

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If you are interested in becoming a member or need to renew your membership please read the information below for the current costs for the 2019/2020 Season.  
For more information about membership contact 0439 922 012 

Download a copy of the current membership form - 2019/2020 Membership Form

Membership Categories
Day & Night (Monday - Sunday)
Full Time Student (19-23)
Day & Night (Monday - Sunday) 
Junior (18 and under)
Day & Night (Monday - Sunday)
Full Social Playing Member Including Midweek
Day & Night (Monday - Friday)
Social Member  (1) 
 Non Playing - No voting rights. 
 Social Member (2)  
 With Voting Rights (AGM) 
 social play with children permitted 
The current membership form can be downloaded from the link below: